Care and Maintenance

We’d like to thank you for choosing Bella Pietra Marble and Granite to fabricate and install your natural stone surfaces.

Stone is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain. By following these suggestions for use, your countertops will last a lifetime while maintaining a beautiful appearance.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your countertops, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Enjoy!

Daily Care and Use

1. Clean your countertop daily with a soft cloth and a neutral, non-abrasive cleanser for best results. Mild dish soap and water work best.

2. Household cleaners such as Windex, Lysol Disinfectant, and 409, can be used but may leave a film. Keep in mind, the harsher the product, the quicker it will break down your sealer.

3. A solution of vinegar and water works great to remove streaking, smudges, and body oil.

4. Avoid products that contain lemon, vinegar, or other acids on marble, limestone, or Black Absolute granite. They are susceptible to acid etching.

5. An occasional application of furniture polish can keep fingerprints off dark colored granite and will give the countertops a nice feel.

6. High and low temperatures will not harm your granite in any way. You can take a pan off the stove or a dish out of the oven and set it right on your countertop without damage.

7. If you have a seam in your countertop, it is best to avoid setting hot materials on this area. The epoxy in the seam can melt if exposed to heat for an extended period.

8. Cutting foods directly on your countertops will not harm your granite but is not recommended. Your knives will dull very quickly.